Installation > With God on Their Side

This installation attempts to deconstruct the visual imagery utilized by monotheistic fundamentalist groups to mythologize and promote their faith, while also seeking to understand the appeal of ideology for women. I focused on Evangelical Protestantism in America, Religious Zionism in Israel, and Militant or Jihad-based Islam in Egypt and Iran.

The audio and visual content for the video montages are appropriated from video networking sites such as YouTube, GodTube, JewTube, and IslamTube. The last three sites cater to a niche market of religiously minded individuals, which seem to imply for the participants, communication with like-minded peers. As such, the source footage reveals an often raw, unmitigated look into the visual structure utilized by fundamentalists for fundamentalists in order to affirm beliefs through a common language.

With God On Their Side
3-Channel Digital Video Installation
(9 minutes)