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In Meta-formance 1.2: Beer Pong, the original scene is a recording made in The United States in January 2010. It shows young men at a party playing beer pong, drinking beer, and listening to music. They are aware that they are being recorded.

The subsequent performance is based upon studied imitation of actions and words. The actors, being non-American, re-enact a typical party scene from a culture not their own. It is important that they have no preconceived understanding or personal experience to draw from, but only the media representation to refer to.

The meta-formances look at the concept of mimicry from a cultural perspective, highlighting the misunderstandings and miscommunication that can occur when one is taking on another way of being (for whatever reason). While imitation is possible, the actions of performing an adopted identity are unnatural. It is the attempt at perfected replication or sameness that establishes the issue of difference.

Meta-formance 1.2: Beer Pong
2 Channel Digital Video
(2 minutes, 17 seconds)