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Ultrachrome print, text panel
20.75 x 28.5 inches

Location: Tuscarawas County, near New Philadelphia, Ohio

Duration: 1772-1777

Affiliation: Moravian Movement

Size: 250 members

Schoenbrunn or “Beautiful Spring” was established as a Moravian mission to Christianize the Lenape Native Americans. This settlement lead to Ohio’s first Christian church and schoolhouse. The Moravian Movement dates back to 1415 with the reforms to the Church introduced by Jan Hus. Called The Unity of Czech Brethren since the 15th century, the movement was nearly wiped out during the Catholic Counter-Reformation. It managed to hold on thanks to a few families in Moravia. The remaining, underground believers eventually took refuge on the estates of Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf in Saxony before continuing on to the United States. The Moravians in the American frontier, still lead by Count von Zinzendorf, utilized a communal system of labor to establish well-built settlements known for agriculture and education.

Reason for Demise: During the American Revolution, the British forcefully relocated the residents of Schoenbrunn to northern Ohio, where many natives died of starvation and disease.