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Prairie Home 2
Prairie Home
Ultrachrome print, text panel
20.75 x 28.5 inches

Location: Logan County, West Liberty, Ohio

Duration: 1844-1845

Affiliation: Society for Universal Inquiry and Reform / Abolitionist Movement

Size: 130 or so members, 500 acres

Founded in Clinton County, Ohio, in 1842, the Society for Universal Inquiry and Reform was "an alliance of Hicksite Quakers and New England Garrisonian abolitionists committed to the reconstruction of American society according to the principles of non-resistance and the Government of God." The Prairie Home members were determined to reform the world through the power of their example. As a group they worked for women’s rights and anti-slavery causes, called for the ending capital punishment, and to the army and navy as well as their academies.

Reason for Demise: Unable to make mortgage payments on their land purchase. From the observations of J. A. MacDonald, “There was evident disorder, showing a transition state toward either harmony or anarchy. I am sorry to say, it too soon proved the latter.”